Thursday, April 19, 2012

ZERO WASTE - What is it and how to does it work?

Fort Collins
April 19, 2012

Horsetooth-Half Marathon items that will be encountered during the 'Zero Waste' program

RECYCLE: Plastic bottles, foil, plastic cups (make certain that you are not tossing ‘compostable cups in the recycle bin – ALL New Belgium event cups are compostable) other recyclable items are: aluminum, glass, clean paper, clean cardboard,

COMPOST: paper plates, napkins, food scraps, *New Belgium cups (beer and water) are compostable. Starbuck cups ARE compostable. Event forks and spoons that are made of corn are compost. If it was once ALIVE it is compost.

LANDFILL: When in real doubt, throw it out, but always get a second opinion on an item if you are unsure .  Gel packs, Gu packets, foil that cannot be easily cleaned, many coffee cups that have petroleum based liners, alien products that do not have a recycle emblem on them. 

Always wear gloves when sorting items. 

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